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Welcome to the BIASLab website!


We are a research group in the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of California, Irvine.  Our group focuses on a wide range of practical problems in the areas of bio-inspired computing, machine learning, computer architecture, and embedded systems. Our research goal is to design real-time, robust, secure cognitive computing systems. 

Current projects include those in Hyper-Dimensional Computing, Energy-Efficient Distributed Systems, Reinforcement Learning, Vector Symbolic Architecture, Neuromorphic Computing, and applications in Security and Privacy.

We are looking for multiple self-motivated Ph.D. students and Postdocs to join our group at UC Irvine. The positions are in the following areas: 
  • Circuit/Architecture: Design novel memory circuits and architectures to accelerate machine learning and big data applications. A candidate should have a strong background in circuit design and have a deep understanding of computer architecture and emerging memory technologies. Specifically,  student will work on a project related to in-memory computing.  
  • Cryptography & Security: Develop theory and algorithms for lightweight cryptography for secure machine learning or/and secure computing. A suitable candidate should have good understanding of Homomorphic Encryption mathematics and AI theory and should be familiar with cryptography tools. 
  • Quantum Computing: Designing new quantum algorithms for machine learning. A candidate should be expert in quantum mathematics and algorithm and have experience of using Quantum tools.  
Candidates are expected to have excellent programming skills. If you are interested, please email us a copy of your CV: Please use “Ph.D. Application Fall 2023” or “Postdoc Application Fall 2023” as the title of your email.

Our latest news!

September 2023: Six new PhD students are joining our team in the Fall!

September 2023: PI Dr. Imani received the prestigious SRC Young Faculty Award

August 2023: PI Dr. Imani received the prestigious DARPA Young Faculty Award!

August 2023: Our FPL 2023 paper received the best paper nomination award

July 2023: Our special session has been accepted to ICCAD 2023! Thanks to Intel support!

July 2023: Three papers accepted in ICCAD 2023! 

March 2023: Four papers accepted in GLSVLSI 2023 conference! 

March 2023: A collaborative paper accepted in Advanced Artificial Intelligence Journal!

Feb 2023: Three papers accepted in the DAC 2023 conference! 

Jan 2023: Three paper accepted in GOMACTECH 2023!
Dec 2022: Six papers accepted in the DATE 2023 conference! 

Aug 2022: Two papers accepted in the ICCD 2022 conference! 
July 2022: Four papers accepted in ICCAD 2022 conference! Congratulation to students, Yang, Hanning, Mariam!
Jun 2022: Our EventHD paper is accepted in Frontiers in Neuroscience. Special thanks to our Intel collaboration!  

Jun 2022: Our special session in ESWEEK conference got accepted!  
May 2022: Our paper accepted in Scientific Report! 
April 2022: PhD Student, Mariam, received the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Award! Congratulation Mariam!  
March 2022: Our BioHD paper is accepted in ISCA 2022! Congratulation  to my PhD students Kevin and Hanning!

Jan 2022: Five papers are accepted in DAC 2022! Congratulation to students, Hanning, Ali, and Yang, Mariam, and Danny! 
Jan 2022: Our DATE 2022 paper received the best paper award!Congratulation to PhD student, Yang Ni! 
Jan 2022: Our GrapHD paper accepted in Frontiers in Neuroscience! 
Jan 2022: Our DATE 2022 paper nominated for the best paper award! 
Jan 2022: Two papers accepted in DATE 2022 conference!
Nov 2021: Two papers accepted in DATE 2022. Congratulation to PhD student, Yang Ni! 
Oct 2021: Accepted paper in Journal of Manufacturing Processes (Link)! Collaboration with UConn!
Oct 2021: Accepted paper in PACT 2021. 
Sept 2021: Accepted paper in IEDM 2021. Hyper-Dimensional Clustering on Fabricated NVM-based Chip. Collaboration with RIT! 
April 2021: Accepted paper in SC’21! Collaboration with Intel Labs. 
April 2021: 3 papers accepted in ICCAD’21! collaboration with Intel Labs. 
Feb 2021: 5 papers accepted in DAC 2021! Collaborative paper with Intel Lab
Nov 2020: 8 papers accepted in DATE 2021 conference: 5 papers as the main PI and 3 collaborative work. 

Nov 2020: A paper accepted in HPCA 2021 conference! The first end-to-end system running brain-inspired Hyperdimensional computing.
Oct 2020: A paper accepted in IEDM 2020 conference! Experimental chip using emerging non-volatile memories.
Sept 2020: Two papers accepted in ASP-DAC 2021!
Sept 2020: Our ICCAD 2020 paper nominated for the best paper award!

August 2020: A paper accepted in MICRO 2020!
July 2020: Two papers accepted in ICCAD 2020!

July 2020: A paper accepted in ISLPED 2020!
July 2020: Our DATE 2020 paper nominated for the best paper award!
July 2020: Our DAC 2020 paper nominated for the best paper award!